Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i have a secret....

i am SO in love!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


hello, my little monkeys.

yes, we are back from a FANTASTIC weekend in Dallas, but both E and i are sick, so my funny, AND my hunny are both laid up in bed with ice bags and chicken-n-stars.

but i promise a full-blown post about the ruckus we caused is forthcoming.

(i must be unwell, i used the word 'forthcoming')

C-I-A-B-A-double-T-A ciabatta... peace out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

born unto libras

tonight i went to walgreen's. only because it was on the same road as the movie place, where i had to return some items. and not wanting to waste a trip... i went.

(riiiiight, like i needed a reason?)

the purchases:

  • "blood red" nail polish
  • black "noir" eye liner
  • new curl stuff for my hair
  • another thing of curl stuff for my hair ( it was a BOGO)
  • giant Hershey bar
  • giant Hershey bar with almonds (for the cute boy who lives here)

nail polish, eyeliner, hair stuff, chocolate.

and it took me as much time to pick out chocolate as it did nail polish (approximately 12 minutes each)


Monday, August 22, 2005


i did this one back in march. and BOY have things changed since then.

(bold are the changes)

I Live: IN TEXAS again
I Work: the main thing i am working on right now, is my marriage (fixed! now i work for money)
I Think: i need to get back in touch with who Christel is (getting there...but i think that s ever-evolving)
I Smell: the coffee, but not the roses nearly enough (like a starfruit)
I Listen: to what i want to hear (to my heart and to my husband)
I Hide: damned near EVERYTHING (some demons, still)
I Walk: quietly. literally and figuratively (with a bounce in my step, now)
I Write: because it's cathartic and therapeutic and sometimes just to make other people laugh (yeah like THIS is going to change!)
I See: possibilities (a bright future, which is nice for a change)
I Sing: a LOT more right now. even in my house. (oddly, i sing less now)
I Can: make you laugh even when i am in a thousand pieces (and i can heal from that) (el same-o)
I Watch: people (my husband sleep, because he is content once again)
I Daydream: about having my own roaster. and like Tasty said, "about being on a book tour with the Numbers". (yeah still the same)
I Fall: a lot. again, literally and figuratively (in love with Eddie every moment of the day)
I Want: happiness (got it!)
I Cry: too much (rarely)
I Read: like books are candy (i don't have as much time, but i am still reading 3 books at a time right now)
I Love: yep, just that. i love. (dur)
I Rode: out the storm (boy did i!)
I Sometimes: want a do-over (not anymore. i like it here)
I Fear: that the people in my life will be disappointed in me (that i won't EVER be a mommy)
I Hope: that when leave this earth, that i made a difference.
I Eat: like a 3 year old
I Quit: pitying myself (drinking. HAHA! got you!)
I Drink: a pot of coffee everyday (84 thousand glasses of water)
I Play: not nearly enough (all the time!)
I Miss: me (my family and friends)
I Forgive: my husband for being so angry with me. (myself for hurting him)
I Drive: and i drive and i drive, lets just GO! (wanna go in the car???)
I Dream: of having children
I Have: an amazing suppport group (and a GREAT rack!)
I Remember: july 6th 2002 (and i want that back) (not only did i get that, but its better now than it was then! but now i remember what i did to hurt my family and will NEVER do it again)
I Don't: give myself nearly enough credit (feel the need to cower any longer)
I Believe: there is room for improvement, but better yet, that i want to improve (i am a goddess and worthy)
I Owe: a debt of gratitude to my mom and dad that really can't be paid (and to my friends who held my hand and to my husband for giving 150% too)
I Know: things happen for a reason (that life is good)
I Hate: ignorance, lack of ambition, prejudice, impoliteness, and those who don't realize that we all have to live on this ant farm together.
I Feel: lucky, blessed, hopeful, trusted, responsible, scared, excited, curious, ashamed, proud, and most of all loved. (take out 'ashamed' and its still the same)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


one year ago today, i stepped out gingerly into the blogging world. i was not going it alone, though. i had others who had gone before me. others who were funnier than me. others who had beautiful words and stories to share. others whom i'd met in real life. others whom i'd come *this* close to meeting in real life.

i did it. i signed up. and let it all out. and there were times when it was SO therapeutic and then there were times when my life was such shit, i just couldn't let it out. hell, it even got me in trouble at work, but who's hasn't? it help strengthen old friendships and forge new ones.

so here i am. looking back at a year. a year of ups and downs and rock bottoms. a year of births, deaths, divorces, and almost divorces. times of stupidity and times of reflection. i have made you guys laugh and i have made myself cry all by tapping on this keyboard. it's been a strange road. most people's are. i just want to thank all of you for your never-ending love and support and demands of "SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS!" when i needed it the most.

you guys rock.

who's ready for round 2?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

not Benjamin

so i started this new diet on monday. and the first couple of days i have to drink this herbal stuff mixed with water and like 84 thousand more gallons of water. no food. not until day 3. its supposed to cleanse and replace nutrients.

so needless to say, i have become a pee-er. and those who know me know i am not a pee-er unless i have had too much to drink... or yeah.. too much to drink.

i peed 18 times yesterday.


in one day.


and as i was sharing this story with allie tonight... i informed her that i "was slowly ridding myself of the fat girl through my urethra."

i could hear her blink over the phone.

and then i said, "see... i wanted to see how far i could go with the word urethra... it would either be funny, or it would have been 'imaneed you NOT to use the word urethra' so i took a chance."

at this point she said, "you should call it your Franklin"

this time she heard ME blink over the phone.

"my Franklin? why Franklin?"


at this point we lost it. i mean full on giggle that turns into a laugh that leaves you breathless.

and i said to her, "you have to stop, my Franklin has been overused for the past 2 days"
and much more laughter ensued.
and then i told her i HAD to write it.

so here i am.
in between pee breaks.

Monday, August 15, 2005


i gots some things rattling around in the ole noggin.. but they haven't quite solidified yet.

but until they do, do me a favor and send up some extra-special good thoughts to the universe. i have some friends (read: numbers and fractions) who could use some super lovin their way.

it's ok if you don't know who i'm talking about. just hug someone ultra-tight today.

freakin moo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fun with Google

so, you all know i love the survey things. but here is one i've only seen a few places (like here and here) and of course i HAD to do it. which, of course, means that the rest of the Numbers are soon to follow.

here we go.

what you gonna did is, (a little justin wilson cajun for ya) go to Google Images and post a picture of the first thing that pops up under each search for:

1. The age you will be on your next birthday:
(i'm not making that up.. i really found that under thhhh...thir.... you know the one after 29)

2. The place where you live:
(told you it was FLAT)

3. Your favorite color:

4. The place you want to get (or got) married:

5. Your first love:

(you thought it was going to be something different, didn't you)

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable:

7. Your favorite animal:

(itty bitty baby one kind babbits)

8. The name of your pet:
(a.k.a the one who uses my face as a springboard)

9. Last name of your favorite actor:
(yeah, it cracks me directly up too!)

10. Your favorite song:

11. A bad habit of yours:
(not so much bad, as just annoying)

12. Your middle name:
(shut it)


Monday, August 08, 2005

you should see the OTHER guy...

so, it's like 5 in the morning... E had just come to bed. i'd been there awhile. he got all snuggly with me and one of our kittygirls, Tori, got all snuggly too. like in a 'touch deprived' sort of way. she was rubbing all up on him. giving him kisses. making sweet little squeaky sounds falling totally in love with E's wrist... and then the jealous kittygirl, Chloe, decided to get in on the action, thus scaring the shit out of Tori. in the process, tori levitated about 3 feet up and over E and then used my face as the launching pad for her final attempt at freedom from the giant ogre that was attacking her. (which was really just another kittygirl jumping onto the bed)

i was then very much awake and clutching my face. E asked me if i'm ok, all the while laughing because the whole scene was rather hilarious. and sure i've been known to be a drama queen once or twice in my life, but this shit really hurt. and he kept asking me if i was ok. i lifted my face from the burrowed place in my pillow and remove my hands and he said, "is that blood?" thus launching ME out of bed.

in the bathroom mirror i saw nothing but blood all across my forehead. E came in and freaked out (because you know how head wounds bleed) until i got it cleaned up. and we saw that's it's just a scratch. a really good scratch. so he started looking for alcohol. i told him he "can put peroxide on it, but if you think you are coming near MY EYES with alcohol, you have another thing coming, mister!"

but i conceded...
even when he put alcohol on it, he said, "if you can put that much alcohol IN you, i can put it ON you"

so there we were, doing minor surgery in our tiny ass bathroom at 6 am.
peroxide - check!
cotton balls - check!
alcohol - check!
triple antibiotic ointment - check! (yes, mom, i really DID have some)
bandages - check!

"hey! you didn't kiss it!"


so back off to slumberland we went. but not until he could laugh some more at my one eye stuck shut. and not until he could get photo documentation with my camera phone. and not until he took pictures of my boobs while i thought he was taking pictures of my head. and not until he made jokes about "yes, Send as Message to 'Mom's email"

so, now i look like this. and don't think i wont get him back for that boob shit by telling everyone he beats me!

Friday, August 05, 2005

the saddest thing you ever done saw

yes. that really is a BOARDED up Krispy Kreme store.

and i feel like there was so much more i could have done to save it....

ahhhh sweet Hot and Now's you will forever remain in my memories.
my comfortable friend.
onward to the Giant Doughnut Hole in the Sky...


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

so my husband calls me a CauseHead.


so, as long as i have the title, let me earn it.

i found
this store today while browsing the Bay of E (eBay) and thought i would share it with all of you.
so, go there and help the kid out.

no, i mean it.



(and if you dont know what to get, just remember that your favorite CoffeeGoddess LOVES rabbits. *wink wink*)

hump day

i got nothin' today.

check back 'morrow.

oh and i'm real damned tired of this cold.

freakin moo.