Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HOLY SHIT, i have a blog?

yeah yeah yeah... i have been the Ultimate Slacker in writing. i suck. i apologize.

BUUUUUUT.. to my defense. i got lots of stuff going on. personally, workly, emotionally, hairly.

yeah. i said "workly" AND i said "hairly". what CHOO gonna do about it?

work is super. no for real. i really dig the people i work with. and i LOVE this time of year. its the beginning of the Holiday Season Drop. and by Drop i mean like a roller coaster... it all leads up to this part of the year. and then WHAM! it's january. and i find myself stunned and amazed at how quickly it all passed by. i try so hard to cling to the leaves changing colors, the crisp fall air, the outdoor festivals, allie saying "pumpkin butter" (which, at this time of year, she will do at least ONCE a phone call), gearing up for thanksgiving and a trip to south carolina, and then....CHRISTELMAS!!!! and then in 3 short months i will find myself weighing 10 pounds more. and trying to figure out where all the magic went. to quote allie yet again, "i love the 'Ber months". i wont lie.

so yeah. work is good.
and the hair. it's good too. don't tell my mom,

but i have bangs.

SHHHHHHHHH... don't squeal so loud, she'll hear you.

i decided that yesterday was the day. i was gonna do it and NOTHING was going to get in my way. i looked for pictures of what kind of bangs i wanted. i settled on Callie* bangs.
printed the picture. asked the boys at work their opinions, (useless by the way, they got all hot about the girl and not the hair.) got the call from my boss that said, "DO IT!" (she'd previously been opposed to the idea, but had a vision of me with the hair and changed her mind), grabbed angela and some hair magazines and off we went.

needless to say that i did NOT get Callie hair, but am thrilled with my Meredith* hair. and, of course, angela's hair is WAY ASS CUTE TOO!

*from Grey's Anatomy

it was time for a change. i got lots of changes happening. why not let some of them have an outward reflection?

and i came to a realization, sitting in traffic the other day. i have been struggling so hard to get BACK to the Christel i was. and it was like trying to fit into the clothes of a child. and the harder i tried, the less it worked. i don't need to get BACK to Christel, i can make my own new one. it was senseless to try to be something i was, when i am liking who i am becoming. i feel it. i feel her growing into something amazing. and everyday she peeks out a little bit more. i think she will be just as great...no, greater than the Christel i was.

so, hand in hand, the Christel that fits into those little clothes and the Christel who is still changing and growing will walk into the Great Unknown. i dont have to keep looking back at her and miss who she was. i can take her with me for the rest of the journey. she knows the secrets. she knows the song. she knows the dance. and she can still teach me a thing or two.

let's go, little one. we got a big bad world to take over.