Thursday, August 24, 2006

sleep to dream

ever have those dreams where, after you wake up you feel like it was just your body purging itself of everything that happened for weeks?

where everything is jumbled together and upon further reflection you can pick pieces out that are obviously experiences, and other parts that are just filler to get all the thoughts out.

i had a night like that last night (errr... more accurately this morning)

i dreamt about (in no particular order or logic):
  • the italian soccer team
  • quail eggs
  • scuba diving
  • someone stealing my pen
  • me accidentally stealing it back
  • a co-worker owning his own family-based restaurant
  • the very vivid logo for said restaurant
  • being naked at the dinner table
  • Preston Burke from Grey's Anatomy giving me a wad of money before he took me out to dinner.
  • also being at dinner with very hot mexican men
  • finding out later that they were all related (dammit)
  • bringing a piece of furniture to Angela's house that came from the flooded apartment that cause mold to grow up her walls
  • cleaning off the mold with day-old raisin bread and mild detergent
  • feeling guilty about infesting Angela's house with mold
  • wandering through a strange house to find the bathroom
  • pretending to buy jewelry to avoid confrontation
  • meeting and yelling at an ex co-worker's cousin

yeah. whacky.

must have been the shrimp nachos.

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